This will allow you to look at your web-based computer tasks, such as writing or editing. You could fit a second monitor onto the wall to save desk space or pick a smaller size monitor that takes up less space on the desk. Unless you really need it for privacy, consider removing the closet door completely.

how to convert a closet into an office

If you are someone who likes to be organized, a filing cabinet is one of the must-haves for your home office. This will allow you to store all of your important papers in one place and keep them organized. You can find these at thrift stores or garage sales as well, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you have the extra room, it can be nice to build a bench for additional seating beside your desk. Have a guest bedroom that rarely gets used, upgrading the closet into an office turns it into a dual-purpose space.

All the Extras

Then you can measure between the slides and build the drawers to fit. However, there are plenty of mounted desks and floating shelf options that are DIY-friendly for anyone looking to do something similar. And if, like Allard, you plan to use the space as your everyday makeup station, make sure you’ve thought of a way to get good lighting into the closet. “I was lucky enough to have an outlet in the pre-existing closet, but you could always use battery-operated lighting or an extension cord, if there’s an outlet nearby,” she says. “From there, we lucked out and found the IKEA Kallax bookshelf was the perfect fit as a bench,” she adds. Wood elements like a floating shelf and a bench topper completed the project.

  • There couldn’t be a better way to expand your office without taking away from your living area.
  • Many individuals working from home are embracing the fact that having a custom-built home office is a good addition to their lifestyle.
  • Keep your desk as clean and workable as possible by storing away less-used items in uniformed bins on higher shelves.
  • I founded Home with a Twist, a daughter’s twist on her mother’s traditions, in memory of my mother to celebrate her life and the gifts she shared with me.
  • There was plenty of space for a desk chair, a full sized monitor, printer and assorted office stuff.

With a critical eye, figure out the approximate size of the supplies you absolutely have to have in your new office. For example, if you use a lot of binders or legal-size paper, make sure the closet you’re considering can fit the width and depth of those supplies. If you need to maintain a secure filing system, you’ll need a closet that can handle the width and depth of a file cabinet when it’s closed and when the drawers are fully open. Make sure your closet is deep enough to handle this task.

Buy a murphy desk

In her New York City apartment, blogger Anna Page creatively made over a hall closet so that it could function as a private workspace for her husband. The addition of sleek metal wall shelves and a pop of sage green paint turned the nook into a welcoming spot in which to productively spend 9 to 5.

  • Once you have the boards cut, level and drill the supports into each stud.
  • Keep photos of your kids, family members, pets or whoever you want on the desktop, real or virtual.
  • There’s even a little printer shelf tucked underneath the desktop for easy access.
  • Once you have your studs marked, cut your supports down to size.
  • The thought of working from the inside of a closet can feel claustrophobic, uninviting, and honestly, a little unrealistic.
  • A plant is always a great way to brighten up your workspace.
  • If you’re not in the mood to paint – or you’re in the market for something easier to apply/remove – opt for some peel-and-stick wallpaper instead.

Plywood back accurately, you can square the cabinet by aligning it with the back before nailing it on . You’ll cover the front edge of the cabinets with a wood face frame after they’re mounted .

How to Create a Cloffice for the Ultimate Work-from-Home Setup

Or at least leave the door open whilst you work there. Now you have decided to turn your closet into an office, follow these steps to efficiently create your perfect workspace at home. You can also create a much more efficient work environment by converting your convert closet to office closet into an office. You will have everything in one place so that you do not need to move around too much throughout the day. Of course, space may be an issue, and you may have to settle for something smaller or more austere than you would otherwise prefer.

how to convert a closet into an office

When you have limited room, making your workspace as user-friendly as it can be is the secret to success. I’ve always joked that my office at work was actually a big closet so the idea of working in a space without any windows just seems normal to me.