It helps speed up tedious behind-the-scenes development work, such as URL mapping, and offers more control than its closest competitor, Django. If you want to learn Flask, this course provides the training and hands-on examples you need to get started quickly. Join instructor Nick Walter as he covers the pros and cons of working with Flask, and steps through how to create your first app with the framework. Nick covers data flow in Flask; working with templates using Jinja, the template engine in Flask; using blueprints and views for organization; testing your Flask app; and deploying your project with Gunicorn. The course starts by taking you through the process of setting up the Flask environment on your machines. Next, you will understand the Flask basics and templates and learn how to create and connect to a database.

It has offered free online courses with certificates to 5 Million+ learners from 170+ countries. Apart from the free courses, it provides video content and live sessions with industry experts as well. Learning Flask offers developers simpler alternatives to the Django monolith. From Hello World code to web page rendering, it’s lighter and more explicit than its larger counterpart. Many experts recommend learning Flask before Django to help gain a foundation in Pythonic web development. Flask applications have a built-in development server and debugger, are WSGI compliant, and have module-level integration.

What web development topic do you want to learn next?

That’s all about some of the best courses to learn Flask and Python in 2022. As I said, Flask is a great Python framework for web development. If you don’t know, Educative is a relatively new online learning platform that provides text-based courses and interactive coding on the browser, which makes for a great learning experience. Serverless Python Web Applications With AWS Lambda and Flaskis a spectacular post that walks through how to run Flask applications on AWS Lambda’s serverless offering.

If you know the fundamentals of C programming, now you can focus on solving some coding questions to practice. You will be able to understand all the basic concepts of C programming if you solve some… Ever since then, I’ve been learning programming and immersing myself in technology. On this site, I share everything that I’ve learned about computer programming. After finishing the course, go ahead and build your own web applications using Flask. You can then look for freelance web development opportunities or even a web development job. By the end of this course, you’ll make a mega project called “Snake Eyes”, which has all the features of a SaaS app.

What you’ll learn

With guidance from the instructor, you will understand how to apply these concepts and develop a powerful database-packed Flask app. Improve your application by integrating them with third-party APIs and adding new features. Learn flask from the free python api design and free flask tutorials online. Select free courses for flask based on your skill level either beginner or expert. These are the free flask tutorials and courses to learn flask step by step.

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