She’s always surprised, in the bad years, how complacent I am about my losses. Is it possible for Americans to immigrate to your country? We also follow the aggressive Couch Potato Vanguard portfolio, and recently bought in a large lump sum all at once as we were transferring from a managed account. Thanks Jason – nothing wrong with bonds (and in fact many of the auto-portfolio services do invest in Muni bonds as part of their bond allocation). Stocks by historical comparisons are at very high valuations.

When I want to start working more (meaning 30 hrs per week, which you’re entitled to until your kid reaches a certain age), I’ll be able to save % of my income. I’m basically trying to optimize my savings and time spent with the kid. Result is that on the initial investment from 2000 on my 18th birthday now 16 years later I have not even a total growth of 20%. I did frequently invest since I started earning money in 2010 and for a few years now do earn a decent salary, so my annual average on my investments overall is slightly better.

This is why I have always invested only in individual stocks. When the market crashed in 2009, I could clearly see that the stock prices were ridiculous. Say you own a tobacco company like Altria that has a steady business and pays a fat dividend. Am I to suppose that because the subprime mortgage market has collapsed, everyone is going to give up smoking? Yes, the stock is priced for the end of the world, but I’m still getting a 10% dividend and the business still seems to be chugging along. The real reason for the selloff, of course, was that people and institutions in financial trouble had to dump good companies for whatever price they could get to raise cash.

No, because during those times the money you are investing is buying more shares, as are your reinvested dividends. I think it’s because European style socialism – as great as it might be – makes you passive and that means as a hardcore capitalist you’re the wolf among a country of chickens. There are so many opportunities that people just don’t take advantage of. As a side gig, I’m currently buying houses in the countryside to fix them up to sell them to Dutch people who are looking for affordable houses with more than 10 sqft of lawn around them. I even showed quite a few people the numbers and pretty much said I found a gold mine and they should get a shovel and dig. They just shrug, go to work in the morning and keep complaining that health insurance got 10 Euros more expensive.

The downside risk on them can be quite high if you’re buying at anything other than a clear bottom. But if you are buying at or near a clear bottom, then yes, you have very little downside risk and tremendous upside. Still, probably not something to bet the farm on if you’re a conservative investor with diverse interests outside of investing. All that is being discussed here is buying stocks when they are at fair and low prices, and buying other things when they are overpriced. What I mean by “long term” PE is the “cyclically adjusted” P/E ratio, also known as the “Shiller PE” or CAPE” ratio.

What to Do About This Scary Stock Market

Of course, we do not know when such a drawdown strikes but it is fairly certain that we will experience an episode like this in the next 20 years. Just to bear in mind to be mentally prepared and not panic. As you approach retirement you’ll have the benninga financial modeling opportunity to convert to a Trad IRA / Rollover to a Roth IRA or take early withdrawals through Section 72. Or its possible that the international market is way undervalued relative to the US. I would bet its the latter, but I honestly don’t know.

  • The article you linked to points out that a 65 year old who can never work again should be cautious with their savings.
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  • Or like I decided, I will get more enjoyment out of the money by taking at 62 rather than 70 as my health is much better now than what I expect it will be in my 70’s.
  • I think this depends on the individual style of investing.

I made the investment considering the amasing multiples (p/b, p/e) but the margins are not a great indicator. Although the margins, ROE, RIC are very low and the demand for wine has been decresing in important markets, like china. It would be easier to answer the question if you would name the share…..

I invest elsewhere as well (Expedia, Cars. com etc.) but as I live in Europe and will spend all my money in Europe I think it is OK to use this as Benchmark. And yes, there is clearly some home bias at work. But if you read my blog you will see I tried for intsance Australia and learned some hard lessons investting far away….. The stocks that are in my portfolio are the stocks that I hold in my personal account. Some of them are there, for now, more than 10 years. Once a year I do short summaries of my positions, the posts are called “My xx stocks for 20xx”.

As a wise man once said, you make the most money when an asset goes from bad to less bad. What you are suggesting is called timing the markets. Many studies prove that we suck at timing the market. To be honest I’m not certain I know what “trolling” means, since it’s used in so many different ways. But if you’re asking whether I’m being sincere, then yes, absolutely. This means that the market has still not yet recovered in real terms from that bubble.

Traden bei Admiral Markets – So funktioniert’s

These days, even using my stock screeners, fundamentals are so poor, it’s hard to find any stocks that meet even my most minimum standards of the past. If I can’t find individual stocks worth their salt, why would I invest in the market as a whole? I can tell you, the ONLY reason I would, is that the FED continues to play bailout and prop up. I don’t see any reason why any Countries stocks will always have an upwards trend. To me there is always the risk of things not improving by the time one retires. Personally, I have been using my investments to lower my cost of living (e.g. solar, geothermal,electric cars).

But if rolled oats dropped to an all-time low, I’d probably buy at least a year’s supply .” The thought process works pretty well for the stock market too. I have friends in their 20s who are so afraid of investing in mutual funds because of the perceived risk, when they don’t understand that it is riskier in the long run to NOT invest money. I’m very late to the game here and who knows if you’ll ever see this, but here it goes anyway. You say you have been investing in individual stocks for 30 years. You don’t get to just show us the last 10 years of your investing.

admiral markets abgeltungssteuer

The company was not worth $15, there was simply no liquidity to support its true value. This is when guys like Warren Buffett come in and buy. After 26 years investing and now that I’m retired I see indexing as a much smarter play. It is tax forex binary options trading system efficient and over long periods of time managers can not beat the market. Everyone who buys individual stocks and says how they do so well have to be taken with a grain of salt. The time they spend on it and accuracy of their stated returns?

You rarely will find a “Hot tipp” on this site. Think of it this way, compare two stocks where one pays a 2% dividend and appreciates 5% the other one doesn’t pay a dividend but appreciates 7% a year. If you were to just sell 2% of your holdings of the second stock, the net result would be basically the same, ignoring tax consequences. You might look at a Single-Premium Immediate Annuity – your dad gives an insurance company a lump sum in advance, and they guarantee a certain monthly payment for the rest of his life.

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Almost everyone who takes a reasoned, value-based approach was able to do this. Unfortunately, we’re a fairly small portion of the investing public, but we shouldn’t be. You can do nothing white coat investor crypto and end up better than people who do something. And have less stress and more money at the end of the day. Accordingly, there are a lot more $20 bills on the floor than there should be.

admiral markets abgeltungssteuer

Many people believe they have the intellectual and emotional capacity to beat the market and they try to pick out individual stocks. Chances are they are not as capable as they think and they will only learn this lesson a couple decades too late. First of all, the first 20 years I invested, I just dabbled and made all kinds of bonehead mistakes. I was only running relatively small amounts of money in the market, about $50-200K, while the bulk of my money was getting nice returns in short-term cash.

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There is something to be said for having your market exposure be in the currency of your expenses. By taking SS early, you spread your SS income over more years and lower your tax liability. A further insurance policy against retirement homes and the like is strength training. A great many “downward spirals of elderliness” occur due to muscular weakness. While you cannot prevent your inevitable decline, you can do a hell of a lot to stop it using simple strength training a few days a week. Be aware the S&P gives you a good exposure to worldwide markets, not just the US.

The realized price for Exozet was significant higher than you expected and the companies portfolio fits very well in the Corona-digitalization-hype we´re seeing in the valuations at the moment. So maybe they can make some more profitable exits in the next months at high price-levels. In general, I do not recommend any shares as I do not provide investment advice. Please consider what I write as my personal diary. So just looking at the portfolio page without reading the corresponding posts is something I do not recommend.

I leave out the option of selling the house because that may not be a net positive transaction in bad economic times – or even an option for some people. While I agree it is difficult to time the market , I do believe that adjusting the % based on market conditions is warranted. Personally, I think this is not the time to be 100% stocks. Why would stocks be the only thing in which a buyer completely ignores price ? People used to say this about housing or the Japanese stock market – “it will always make money over a long period of time”.

Transparent, low commissions and financing rates and support for best execution… Tax loss harvesting provides an upfront savings, but eventually that money will be recaptured in the form of selling at a higher basis in the future. There is of course compounding of today’s savings, but it is actually not as clear cut as it seems to be. I’ve read a few articles on this and they are confusing to say the least. Bottom line is the benefits of tax loss harvesting may be somewhat exaggerated.

Admiral Markets Erfahrungen 2022: Seriöser Broker?

If you’re heading into retirement, try living in your retirement budget NOW. If returns suck for the first 10 years of retirement but draw rare remains as high as 4%, the risk of running out of money in retirement is much higher. If the market goes up for 5 straight years after your ‘retire’ date, I’d say you are in pretty great shape. Now, if the opposite happens and it goes down the first 5 years, well you will likely have to make some income during those years, so that you can take advantage of the cheap stocks.

Mean reversion can take a very tumultuous path, and markets rarely persist at the average for long. Of course, as the hedge fund industry becomes more and more saturated with trend-following copycat funds, you find a greater and greater percentage underperform. But if you break things down by strategy, you will find that certain strategies perform better than others, not just year after year, but generation after generation.

Already make well more than I spend which is the main step anyway . Great hypothetical example showing how the world’s worst market timer over the last 40 years still turned $184,000 of total investment into $1.1 million. I’m not Jason, but I use Vanguard’s VWIUX (“Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Fund Admiral Shares”) as my muni bond fund. Vanguard also has Short- and Long-Term options , and also Investor class shares of the three. In addition, there are a couple of ways to hack into your 401k if you plan on retiring early . But what if it never drops anywhere close to that low?

This is still risky, but it at least guards me somewhat against not being able to pay my bills if I lose my job. It also makes it harder to spend money frivolously. Beyond lowering cost of living it is very difficult to determine how to invest. I’ve been trying to put money into things that have some intrinsic value (real estate/commodities/etc), but even these have obvious risks.

So I took that money away and put it in a low cost index fund (that’s right, I currently only own one index fund). Germany is actually a little better with a 25% tax on investment gains (“Abgeltungssteuer”) when realised – so annualy on dividends but only on payouts for valuation gains. I would caveat that it all depends on your situation. If you have been plunking away a good chunk into a 401k religiously every month for a few years or a decade or two, then yeah, this is pretty good advice. At the beginning of the Nikkei bear market around 1990, that index had a P/E ratio of about 78.