One of the biggest problems in relationships in which someone is struggling with addiction is deceit. Someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol often lies about how much of a substance they have consumed. They may hide bottles or drug paraphernalia, cover up smells, make excuses for their whereabouts, and become angry or make up an answer when confronted with the problem. In simple terms, codependency is defined by an inability to define boundaries in a relationship. Oftentimes, a codependent person is unable to say “no”, especially when they’re in a relationship with an addict. The codependentcares more about how their partner feelsthan how they feel themselves.

loving an addict

When you love them the way you loved them before the addiction, you can end up supporting the addiction, not the person. loving an addict The boundaries you once had might find you innocently doing things that make it easier for the addiction to continue.

Typical Addict Behavior in Relationships

Socially, things can be very lonely for the addict. Friends that have long since moved on into loving and healthy relationships find it difficult to maintain their relationship with the addict. The healthy person will spend their time making a happy life with others. An addict’s life is taken up by thoughts of how to keep their addiction going.

Despite your partner’s best efforts, despite all the love you shower on your partner, the chance of a relapse is always there. Knowing this from the start can help you understand why recovery must always be paramount in your partner’s life. It is important to know that loving someone who is active addiction is challenging.

Best Tips To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

This man was snorting crushed pills, smoking crack, using meth and still looked good. I think I missed the signs because I was unaware of the signs.

I have experienced both, and I have subjected my family and loved ones to more than their fair share of fear. Luckily for me, that same love and fear is what put me in a position to find a solution. The stress love addicts can put on themselves to obtain love, or the compulsive need to maintain or form relationships can become a distracting factor in poor job function or wellbeing. As a result, they can begin to neglect their self-care, further neglecting their needs as they become consumed by emotional highs and lows. They may not be able to function within healthy patterns without someone there to love or be loved by, seeing it as an act of betrayal.