The technology that people use to access websites keeps on changing. Let me show you practices enabling you to build excellent website architecture that will boost your SEO and user-friendliness. It’s one thing to have good keywords, but it’s another to know where to put them. Next, map out what links will connect each page, including automated links in your product pages. In the end, you should have a visual overview of your entire website, giving you a clear picture of the shopper journey from start to finish.

Research can be conducted through interviews and surveys (which we’ll talk more about later). — Local and global navigation systems provide a flexible and easy to understand navigation system. The simplest form of hierarchical site structure is a star, or hub-and-spoke, set of pages arrayed off a central home page.

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I thought of a huge skyscraper with restaurants, retail stores, offices, gyms, and residential spaces — a large self-contained, compact community all by itself. If you’re considering starting an online business, you should make yourself conscious that you must learn about web design. Most people do this, but many don’t do it with the intention of testing and adding new themes that won’t compromise the site architecture. When deciding how to plan a website structure that fits your needs, your website design plan will help in determining which option best suits your customers needs when interacting with your site.

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Think of this as the go-to option for allowing users to create their own experience using search tools. Effective organization makes for an effective product no matter if it’s one page website vs multiple pages. For a single page, that organization may come in the form of information architecture rather than full-on site structure.

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And if people leave your website because your user experience is messy, search engines won’t think highly of you, either. A website structure is the organization, layout and interlinking of all pages on a website. Also known as site architecture, its purpose is to make the website easy to navigate for both visitors and search engines. Add sidebar, footer, main navigation menu, breadcrumbs, and “to the top/down” buttons to ease the search of the product/category/action. Navigation keywords are similar across the apparel stores, so to be ranked higher and shown to a particular target audience, you need to use branded keywords. In this case, multiple servers between the client layer and database layer balance the data distribution and ensure decentralization.

  • Or limiting the user with parent and child relationships between pages.
  • Users will be able to navigate easier on the website, and the overall user experience will increase.
  • Users will spend more time on your website and link to your web pages, which are both heavy indicators that your brand creates quality content.
  • However, search engine bots appreciate links to related content as it gives more context to the pages they crawl.
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  • Even if your team at this stage is just you and your cat, show it!

Now that we have a detailed mind map of our website, we can start working on the website’s information structure, which will be the foundation of the website’s prototype. If you’re creating a local website, don’t limit yourself only to your country. Look how to plan a website structure through international websites that are doing similar things. Most likely, there are similar or analogous projects up and running somewhere in the world. Moreover, website content and website copywriting is heavily determined by the audience’s location.

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If your site is for a business, for example, it’s a good idea to have your contact information available in the footer on each page. Sometimes the most effective thing is to simply observe your customers as they browse your website, taking note of how easy it is to search or navigate, or purchase if it is an eCommerce site. You can witness firsthand whether or not they have a straightforward experience, or if they have trouble finding what they want, or if they don’t see important CTAs. A large panel that drops down from global navigation bar that displays many options at once. These are good for eCommerce sites with extensive category lists, or websites advertising a large number of services. If you used online software for your sort, this will analyze your results for you.

website architecture

To make the linking correct, start from the most important pages for visitors and promotion. How users navigate between pages is an important part of the site structure. To facilitate navigation from one page to another for the users, you need to organize linking correctly. Make sure that each page of the site contains links to the other ones. Usually, keyword cannibalization happens because the website is unorganized and the correct structure prevents this problem.

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Your website structure plays an essential role in how visitors experience your content and search engines crawl your site. When users click through your site, they don’t always navigate directly to the product they eventually buy or the content they eventually read. So it’s helpful to show their navigation path, in case they need to backtrack.

IMDB is the world’s largest movie database that contains tons of information about movies, TV shows and celebrities. Being a huge database, it has quite a complex navigation flow. Applying these principles, you are likely to effectively structure existing content and leave a space for growth. IA, UX, and UI are closely related and sit under the umbrella of product design concepts, but they are not the same.

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If you’re scratching your head wondering where to begin, answering “Why” is never a bad idea. Depending on what area your small business specializes in, there could be a multitude of reasons a customer wants to get in touch. Even if your team at this stage is just you and your cat, show it! Put a face to your small business and instantly make it more personable and brings a human touch. If you have a small team, include a picture of each person with a short description of who they are and what they do beneath each image. The homepage is easily one of the most important components of your website.